Children of Lions

Where the wind is high and the ground is hard, in the furthest corner of Scotland, there are the ruins of a castle where the Children of Lions live. They say that the castle was built by a good lord and his lady to protect their three children in the warm autumn of the lord’s life. But the castle was small and the wars in those days were long, and one year, in the coldest part of the winter, an army came to take away the lord and his lady. However, when they tried to take the children, the stone lions at the entrance of the keep shook their stone manes and stepped forward to protect their children. No matter how hard the invaders tried, they could not reach the children. So they light the night with the flames of the castle and left the lions alone. Although those who happen upon the ruins of this castle find nothing but old stone and crumbling statues, if you are a very quiet traveler and approach lions in the greenest parts of the spring, you can here the Children of Lions whispering just out of sight. And it is said that when the wind is cold and the night is long the lions shake their stone manes and climb down from their stone beds to warm and guard their children from the shadows.