The Survivors Write the History

In its most basic form, the experience of trauma is the shattering of the safe and comfortable and replacing it with something wordless, a void at the center of an open wound. In one way or another, everyone experiences it; it is how we grow. Though no two pains are equivalent and no two stories are the same, we all are forced to, at some point, watch what we thought we knew darken to something ugly.  

This is the idea at the center of this charcoal animation. Because the project is drawn entirely on one piece of paper, each scene builds on top of the one before. Although the page remembers the ghosts and shadows of each mark, I hope to use these afterimages to create a beauty and depth in the drawings that come from them. 

History: his·to·ry [his-tuh-ree, his-tree] 

  1.  a usually chronological record of events
  2.  the past events relating to a thing
  3.  the past, background, or previous experiences of a thing or person